Here's a peek at what we bake!

Irresistible cake on a stick ! #DESTINYSPOPS


I love your professionalism and I'm just in love with your cake pops. They are always consistently good, and I know that's not easy to do. You will always have our business. 

So about that red Velvet Cake Pop from Destiny's Pops! OMG! I am trying to watch my sweets intake but them pops are so moist! Your Cake Pops have me savoring it and mad when it's gone.

OMG Destiny, this cake is soooo good! So Sweet and Moist even after being in the fridge! 

Destiny did a fantastic job for my son's graduation party! She is very responsive to question and works hard to make sure everything is perfect. I highly recommend her!

Moisture level, tastes, design, presentation & just everythingggg!