Destiny Graham Bio

Growing up Destiny was being groomed and molded to be a successful entrepreneur.  She now knows that was God moving her into her “destiny” and her gift.   
One of Destiny’s proudest moments was when she was given the title of “Youth Entrepreneur”.   

Destiny Graham was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from Varina High School with an Advanced Diploma.  It all began for her when she attended a Summer Fun Program at the Highland Springs High School.

At the age of 12, she told her mother, Lisa Arnold that “she wanted to have her own cake business” so her mother invested in Destiny’s GOD given talent and enrolled her in baking classes.  In 2010, Destiny started Cakes by Destiny.   As a result, of her excellent business sense and customer service her business rapidly expanded.  In 2011, Cakes by Destiny morphed into Destiny’s Cake Pops as a result of the new trend of cake on a stick or cake pops.

That Dream, That Thought, That Idea... Can be a reality! - Destiny Graham

 In one year Destiny’s business had received recognition from customers, local newspapers, business calendar and was even featured in the NFIB Small Business Weekly’s publication as the Young Entrepreneur Spotlight.  Destiny strives to be a living example to young girls by showing them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.  One way she does this is by doing speaking engagements and local events.  In her speeches, she educates the future business owners on the steps to own a business at a young age.  She encourages them to follow their passion and to never give up in spite of any obstacles that may come their way.  Destiny gives back to her community through tutoring and volunteering with a number of initiatives that impact the community. 

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