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In 2009, the founder of Destiny’s Pops heeded God’s call to follow her dream and turn her passions into a purpose-driven bakery. Since then, we have been serving some of the greatest baked goods. We specialize in making cake pops, cakes, cupcakes, cakes in a jar, cookies, and vegan sweets.

The founder, Destiny Pullings, started Destiny’s Pops at the young age of 12 years old. Growing up Destiny was being groomed and molded to be a successful entrepreneur. She now knows that God was moving her into her “destiny” and her gift. At the age of 12, she told her mother she wanted to have her own cake business. So her mother invested in Destiny’s GOD-given talent and enrolled her in baking classes. As they say, the rest was history. In 2009, Destiny started Cakes by Destiny. As a result of her excellent business sense and customer service, her business rapidly expanded. In 2011, Cakes by Destiny morphed into Destiny’s Pops.

Now 12 years later, Destiny is a wife, mom, baker, and entrepreneur. Destiny’s passion and love for baking has never wavered, and nothing makes her happier than being a part of the special celebrations of her customers.

Throughout those 12 years in which our business success morphed, we have received recognition from customers, local newspapers, business calendars, News/TV appearances, and have even been featured in the NFIB Small Business Weekly’s publication as the Young Entrepreneur Spotlight and the nationwide television show “Harry Show” with Harry Connick Jr.

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As a company, we believe in evolving. In 2021, we evolved our brand of Destiny’s Pops to a more purpose-driven company. We felt the call to expand beyond the local homebase bakery, which we so loved for 12 years. We are excited to share our story and sweets with the world! After 12 years of operating in the Richmond, Virginia area, we have relocated to Maryland. Our service area now includes the entire DMV area as well as nationwide shipping.

It is our mission to continuously evolve. We have revised our recipes, branding concept, creative design process, and menu. We are committed to enhancing the customer’s sweet experience while offering quality and consistency. Through really great desserts served perfectly, while building community with people all at the same time.

We, as a company, are always looking for new ways to give back to our community. We believe it’s very important to empower young-hearted entrepreneurs to grow and achieve whatever they put their minds to. We strive to offer programs and services within our company that will help people to grow, learn, and connect. 

That is why we have implemented two awesome programs in Destiny’s Pops. One of which is our Baking It Up Academy program. Through this program, we host a series of in-person and online baking classes for all ages.

And the second is our Give-A-Cake Program; this is something Destiny’s Pops takes pride in. This program is a new initiative for the expansion of our new rebrand launch. Which focuses on the value we provide within our community!

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With Faith All Is Possible

What We Stand For


We are honest, ethical, and fair. Our team acts with integrity and honesty and focuses on putting ourselves in the shoes of others. We’re transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and company.


We love and believe wholeheartedly in what we do and want to share that feeling with the planet. We strive to use passion to drive service, engagement, and growth. Our commitments to our company will feel less like work and more enjoyable.


We take pride in measuring and ensuring consistent yet quality service and products that together deliver premium value to our customers.


We care about our communities and the environment. We strive to show deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live. We commit to planning a series of impactful events for the benefit of our communities.


We will serve as faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to us. Through every transaction, we will present God’s message. We are fully known for sharing Faith, Hope, and Love. For the greatest, we shall show LOVE. Love for our customers, products, employees, communities, and one and only God!

Speaking Engagements

Here are some of the amazing organizations I have spoken to:

Destiny volunteering
Girl Scouts
Carter G. Woodson Middle School
Roadtrip Nation
RoadTrip Nation
Jesus Girl Summit
Jesus Girl Summit
Teen Conference
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The National Pan Hellenic Council at VCU
Grasp Gala
Annual Star Gala
third baptist church
Thirty First
Street Baptist
Hopewell Middle School
The National Pan - Hellenic Council at VCU
Destiny's Philosophy

No matter how old you are, with faith and true discipline, that dream, that thought, that idea….Can be a reality!

Passion Follower.

Destiny is a wife, mom, baker, and entrepreneur. At the young age of 12 years old, Destiny founded an established bakery called Destiny’s Pops. Throughout those 12 years, Destiny’s passion and love for baking has never wavered, and nothing makes her happier than being a part of the special celebrations of her customers. Destiny also has a passion for her community and imparting those by striving to be a living example by showing them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

One way she does this is by doing speaking engagements and local events. In her speeches, she educates the future business owners on how it first starts from within; being confident in yourself while also providing steps to owning a business at a young age. She encourages them to follow their passion and to never give up in spite of any obstacles that may come their way.

Throughout Destiny’s speaking career, she has spoken at schools, non-profit events, churches, and organizations!

Destiny Pullings is available as a keynote speaker, panelist, workshop host, or mentor on the following topics, but are not limited to:

  • From Passions To Entrepreneurship: Turning your passion into a successful business.
  • Power Of One’s Confidence OR I AM: Walking confidently and believing in yourself.
  • Girl Talk With Destiny


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Check out all the other fun and exciting things Destiny’s Pops is working on. And while you’re here, make sure you join our sweet family!



Thank You For Visiting,
But Don't Stop Here!

Check out all the other fun and exciting things Destiny’s Pops is working on. And while you’re here, make sure you join our sweet family!