May Contain

The Smaller Pack Bundle

$185.00 Excl. Tax

• 20 Cake Pops
• 10 Cut-out Cookies or Signature Cookies
• 10 Cupcakes
• 10 Cake Shooters

— or —
Feed: 50 Method of Payment The method of payment should be sent following the email confirmation.
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Lead Time
  • Standard orders with customization require 3 weeks’ notice.
  • Standard orders without customization requires 2 weeks’ notice.
  • Rush orders (no customization) require 1-week notice with an add’l charge of $2 per item ordered.
Retailers, Colleges, and Corporations Purchase Orders Less Than $2,000 At Destiny’s Pops, we require an advanced deposit to pay off a portion of the purchase order upon ordering. The advanced deposit is a 50% deposit fee. If the retailers cannot pay in advance due to companies’ financial policies. We will offer payment at the time of service. The buyer will have 1-day to pay the purchase order off. Retailers, Colleges, and Corporations Purchase Order exceed $2,000 At Destiny’s Pops, we offer retailers net 30 payment terms for all purchase orders over $2,000. The buyer will be able to stock up on our products for the week/month and pay us 30 days later. We also will offer a discount of 2/10 Net 30 to buyers that pay within 30 days, they’re entitled to a 2% discount off the purchase order. We also offer retailers the option of Consignment or Sale or Return (SOR). This payment term will provide the buyer with the flexibility to be able to sell and return what’s not sold. The buyer will only pay for the products they manage to sell and will be entitled to return any products that are not sold.

National Shipping

All orders must be placed no later than Friday night, for shipment on the following Monday. Orders will be shipped on the following dates: Monday-Wednesday. NO Saturday shipment only if an OVERNIGHT shipment is selected!
* Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing the order! An order confirmation will be sent via email with the delivery and/or pick-up date. If you are looking to have your order by a certain date, please add the date in the Note To Seller Text box.

Local To The DMV Area?

We can deliver or choose Curbside PickUp by ordering from the ChowNow App. Click here to order.


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Sweet Words

"This is the second time I've enjoyed Destiny's amazing cake pops, and they were just as wonderful the second time. The first event was a large order and the second was a small birthday gathering and Destiny was amazing with delivering and packaging the cake pops. The cake pops were beautifully decorated and tasted great. I would recommend Destiny's Pops for any occasion, especially if you just want to treat yourself!"
Sarah S.




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